Additional glazing options for uPVC and aluminium windows that helps homeowners save money and improve comfort

Simply swapping out a home’s existing set of single glazed windows for either double or triple glazing, helps to make a big difference in terms of energy efficiency and WER (Windows Energy Rating). The act of adding more glass panes in a window’s frame reduces the heat that would otherwise escape the home, being the most effective method of improving comfort and insulation.

We at Platinum Windows offer double and triple glazing services for all our window, door, and conservatory products, giving both homeowners and trade customers the ability to enjoy the very best performing. As well as ridding properties of any present cold spots, draughts, and condensation, additional glazing has been proven to reduce noise levels too. Ideal for those who reside alongside busy suburban roads or near flight paths and wish to soundproof.

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Improve the energy efficiency of your home with this product

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Resistant against condensation with effective soundproofing