Beautifully glazed staircases that make exploring the home safe and stylish

Regardless of size, shape, or design, all glass staircases supplied by the team here at Platinum Windows come supplied using either 6 or 8mm toughened glass to expertly balance style and safety. We work with homeowners and tradesmen alike to assure the product is always exactly to your liking, regardless of how precise or bespoke the requirements might be.

We can line every staircase with a high quality and elegant glass railing system, ensuring that any natural light present in the home will still be able to pass through and give the impression of a larger living environment. Single point fixings equally work their magic into your specific staircase structure, letting it accommodate enough weight so that homeowners can traverse the home with confidence.

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A premium product suitable for both commercial and domestic applications

Wide range of finishing options available

Quick lead times so that we can get your products to you sooner

Manufactured using quality materials & parts