White Georgian Casement Windows

The UK’s original choice of window prior to the onset of sliding sashes, casement windows continue to be wildly popular today, largely because of how versatile they are in terms of customisation and function. Simple put, a casement window is any window that opens outwards via a hinge located at the side or top. Outside of this brief explanation there’s a little more to them however, let’s explore why!

The classic window style that is simple yet effective

The beauty of casement windows compared to the likes of tilt & turn, sliding sash, and bay – which find themselves more suitable for specific purposes – is how incredibly simple yet reliable they are by design. They take their title from their tendency to be held open using what’s known as a “casement” stay, first gaining popularity during the late 18th century.

Today, they remain a popular choice amongst both homeowners and tradesmen, now integrating various contemporary tweaks that help them stand toe-to-toe with more complex window styles. Multi-chambered internal frames, double glazing integration, and other elements help to ensure that casement windows are well equipped to keep properties insulated, likely to reduce heating costs and improve efficiency.

A blank canvas in which to implant your own tastes

Much of the draw that comes when choosing to install casement windows, is the large degree of design and size flexibility possible. We at platinum can supply them in a range of distinct and eye-grabbing colour tones for example, letting installers cater for the most particular of clients while homeowners will have a far easier time adding a splash of their own personality.

Single Chartwell Green Casement Window

Whether engineered in low-maintenance uPVC or sleek and stylish aluminium material, the classic casement window style looks great in virtually any colour. It’s even possible for casements to evoke their original timber aesthetic thanks to authentic woodgrain tones like Desert Oak, Black Cherry, and Mountain Oak, primed for period homes or those craving a vintage look.

Suitable for all UK properties new and old

The neutral nature of casement windows means that they can easily tie in neatly with almost any property style, an ability that can further be altered by our choice to install them in aluminium or uPVC. Aluminium has an improved strength-to-weight ratio compared to uPVC, meaning that less of it is needed to withstand the glazing. This makes it more ideally suited for newer properties, while the slightly bulkier uPVC window is perfect for older homes.

Stylish casements in both uPVC and aluminium

Casement windows has remained a staple of British properties for centuries, and with the classic design continuing to evolve with slight enhancements, we at Platinum believe that this’ll always be the case. For more information, contact the team today for a free quote.

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