Often thought of more as a mode of function rather than style, glass staircases actually allow homeowners to enjoy the best of both worlds. We at Platinum Windows fabricate all staircases in-house, therefore meaning that we can achieve some very attractive designs, playing around with various sizes, shapes, and designs to let properties be unique on the inside as well as outside.

Here are just a few of the most popular staircase designs:

1. Floating glass staircase

The best choice for those looking to pay a visit to cloud nine, floating glass staircases take their name from their seemingly gravity defying appearance. This effect is primarily achieved by fitting each step to the adjacent wall, lining it up with a bannister that is wholly transparent and as minimal as possible. In cases where there isn’t a wall to build off, a steel wall can be constructed to anchor the required treads.

2. Spiral glass staircase

A show-stopping style if ever there was one, spiral staircases finished with glass are the perfect centrepiece in which to use to transition up or down the home. This design is also an ideal choice for properties that are more compact in size, with spiral staircases requiring less room to build while still retaining the inherently classic look expected.

Stairway Balustrade

3. L-shaped glass staircase

One of the most popular staircase styles is the L-shaped design. A choice which, thanks to the implementation of wedge cut strides, means that square footage can be used much more efficiently. As the name suggests they typically feature at least one corner but can accommodate multiple depending on how many storeys need to be catered for. L-shaped staircases are also one of the most neutral designs, meaning they work well in any type of home.

4. Frosted glass staircase

Frosted glass staircases always act as a solid choice, simple because they’re a classic design capable of suiting properties old and new. Their beauty is in their ability to allow homeowners to enjoy a maintained sense of privacy while still letting sunlight flow and permeate through the home. Configurable to multiple staircase types and sizes, frosted glazing gives your home a touch of glamour rather than frost.

5. Curved glass staircases

Available with or without a handrail, curved glass staircases are beautiful and stylish. We can tailor them to suit a multitude of property styles, accommodating your particular layout to better achieve a grand effect. Challenging from a design standpoint to their natural ‘bend’, none of this challenge will be passed onto you when the time comes to install.

Stylish glass staircases that allows light to flow through the home

If you’d like to enjoy the all the beauty brought with a refreshing glass staircase, why not get in touch with the Platinum Windows team? All our staff members are more than familiar with the designs possible, primed to help those who are on the edge. Call us on 022476 309898 or send us an online messageplatinum.

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