Bifold Doors

It’s hard to avoid mention of bifold patio doors, even if only dipping your toe into the waters very briefly. There’s a reason for this. One of the most contemporary and stylish rear-entrance door options by far, bifold doors have become known for offering homeowners some of the easiest function, best outside views, and impressive efficiency around. Still wondering if you should upgrade? Here are 6 reasons that just might tempt you:

1. Neatly stacks safely to one side

Whereas traditional patio windows either slide to one side on a track or open outwards if installed as a French style, bifold doors do neither. Instead, aluminium bifold doors featured in the Platinum range neatly stack to one side in an enveloping fashion, ensuring that homeowners can always make the use of space. There’s even the choice to have the bifold patio doors hung either inside or outside, to never render them an unsightly addition.

2. Slim sightlines to give the impression of a larger space

Thanks to a high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminium bifold door panels can incorporate large glass panes yet still maintain a minimalist framework. This results in slim sightlines which when looked through presents homeowners with the illusion that their property as much bigger as it actually is. Your home will appear to extend further out into your garden space with a set of bifold patio doors fitted.

3. Multiple panel configurations

At Platinum Trade Windows, we understand that every home is different – and the same can be said for the size of the aperture homeowners hope to fill with their new set of bifold doors. Thankfully, all can be tailored to meet multiple height and width requirements in any panel configuration between two and seven. This means that no homeowner need miss out on the undeniably contemporary benefits they bring, regardless of available space.

White Open Bifold Door
4. Smooth-sliding operation

Despite their natural modernity in terms of appearance, design, and style, aluminium bifolding patio doors are specifically engineered to slide as smoothly as possible. After all, once installed such stunning views of your garden/patio will only increase the number of times you’re tempted to go outside. For this reason, all bifolds come fitted with a safe and easy-glide track, to make transitions inside and out effortless every time.

5. Large influxes of natural light

We mentioned earlier that the minimalist design of bifolds results in slim sightlines which allow for impressive outside views. Leading on from this, another perk to this factor comes in the form of an illuminated back of the home thanks to better light entry. What’s great about this in particular is that the light is entirely free and natural, and even more manageable when combined with blackout blinds. You’ll be able to save money due to less of a reliance on artificial lighting, simultaneously breathing life towards the back of the home.

6. High-strength aluminium construction

The particular system we use to construct our aluminium bifold doors is Synseal’s Warmcore, one that’s been specifically designed to offer homeowners the very best strength and efficiency. All come fitted to make use of specific security features such as 5-point locking, SBD certification, and bound dog bolts to better give homeowners the ultimate peace of mind.

Bifold patio doors from Platinum to help you make the most of your home

If you’re in need of a patio door shakeup and would like to take advantage of one of the country’s increasingly popular styles, aluminium bifold doors could be the ideal solution. To find out more, contact Platinum Windows today online and we’ll get an accurate quote back to you promptly.

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