The raging battle between orangeries and conservatories is an unnecessary one for the most part, with both extension styles touting their unique benefits and advantages. The general rule is that conservatories let in more sunlight due to their high prioritisation of glazed surround. However, for those looking to stretch their budget ever so slightly farther, it’s worth considering these 3 things orangeries offer that conservatories cannot.

1. A seamless addition to your existing property

Residence 9 Windows in Orangery Interior

Orangeries, by their very nature, are typically constructed with a brick base that allows the rest of the structure to be effectively built off of. This solid foundation lets orangeries feel like a much more natural addition to the home, as opposed to conservatories which can sometimes feel more detached.

They can be designed to let in just as much light as you prefer, whereas conservatories always provide homeowners with a great deal. Boasting brick pillars and a plastered interior, orangeries offer more privacy than glazed conservatories tend to, blurring the line between home and garden while letting homeowners enjoy the best of both.

2. Easily accommodates a range of home applications

As well a relaxed living space, orangeries are often utilised for a range of other helpful applications too. Their pillared construction makes them the perfect dining area for example, letting homeowners wine and dine comfortably knowing that they’re in an insulated and more homely style of extension. Parents also frequent the space as a play area for the children, while residents who work at home can use it as an office.

3. Perimeter ceiling integration

While tiled conservatory roofs are becoming a more common addition in the UK, the orangery equivalent has a striking impact. Known as a perimeter ceiling, it gives the top of the extension a lot more volume and depth, making orangeries feel like a much more seamless addition to the home. They can even incorporate more features like LED downlights and chandeliers.

Extending homes in style with Platinum Windows

If you’re a local homeowner in the market for a new extension, there’s no wrong choice when choosing between orangeries and conservatories. Hopefully we’ve proven however, that the former is an option that’s equally worth considering. For more information, call Platinum today on 01926 699 825 or send us an online message.

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