When undertaking any form of home improvement on your property, it makes sense to want to feel safe and secure. Not only literally in the case of highly-protective windows and doors, but financially too. That’s why when opting for installation services from the team here at Platinum Windows, you’ll enjoy a 10-year written guarantee as standard. We wouldn’t recommend anything less. Here’s why:

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The ultimate peace of mind for at least a decade

Paperwork and data sheets can represent the unglamorous side of construction when wanting to accomplish your dream home, but it is an important requirement. Ensuring that all the necessary documents are filled out can save you a lot of hassle in the long run, also being a tell-tale trait of a window installer that is reliable as opposed to a rogue trader. Any guarantee should be agreed upon in written form, being a hard copy form of leverage.

Once secured, your written guarantee will give you the ultimate peace of mind and confidence in should a product not perform as it should or break within the agreed upon length of the plan. Therefore, it’s ideal to gain a product guarantee with your purchase that is as long as possible, preferably a minimum of 10 years like we at Platinum offer our homeowners.

Protection in the unlikely event something goes wrong

While all our windows and doors come engineered to meet the strictest of Building Regulations in order to garner FENSA accreditation, a 10-year written guarantee covers you in the unlikely event that the panel or frames break down. Depending on what has caused the issue will determine the steps taken, whether it’s a total replacement or quality repair service. Either way you’ll be covered.

A sure-fire method of securing your long-term investment

Garnering a written guarantee is not only an effective method of ensuring that property security, energy efficiency, and aesthetics are kept to a high standard, but also helps extend your initial investment. After all, a lot of money will be saved in the long run should you require a replacement or repair in the future, assuring that you enjoy the value you originally bought into at the point of sale.

Guaranteed windows and doors from Platinum

At Platinum Trade Windows, all our windows, doors, and conservatories come covered by an extensive yet understandable 10-year written guarantee. Though we engineer and install them in such a way that they’re never likely to fail, we understand that this is an important element to sustain homeowner trust and comfort.

For more information on why you shouldn’t accept less than a 10-year guarantee when improving your property, contact the team today for a free quote.

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