Fully glazed and crystal clear glass balustrades that help to define space and add safety

An incredibly versatile product that’s capable of being used anywhere in and around the home, glass balustrades from Platinum Trade are fully glazed barrier systems that successfully define space. They’re able to do so effortlessly while keeping home interiors beautiful and open, thanks to the simple fact that natural light will still be able to pass through. Though technically a barrier in and of itself, glass balustrades enhance safety without making homes feel cluttered.

Glass balustrades unless otherwise customised are transparent, meaning that homeowners will still be able to enjoy spectacular views that give the illusion of an extended home. We take extra care to integrate only the slimmest sightlines and minimalist frames with every glass balustrade supply, maintaining the design’s open sense of extra space while still being long-lasting.

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A premium product suitable for both commercial and domestic applications

Wide range of texture styles & finishing options available

Quick lead times so that we can get your products to you sooner

Manufactured using quality materials & parts